Family Tree

Family Tree

It’s been approximately 10 years since we planted this tree in our backyard we have done many things near and on this tree that have been cherishing moments that were spent with the family, friends and many others. This tree has been here for the majority of my youth and has been a big part of my life ever since the day it was planted. I had my first kiss by this tree, I got drunk for the first time by this tree and a whole lot of memories so this tree is essentially big to me.

Later through years, I realized that where the tree was planted there was a lot of trees that had insects all over them and I was thinking it was normal since its outside. So I came to the conclusion that the root system was the problem and that’s where the disease infiltrates so I had to cure roots of insects. I was wondering if this was the main problem and it was. So I called a professional to come to look at my trees to see what’s the actual problem.

I was concerned for a number of reasons because this tree never got sick and is very healthy throughout the years I’ve been by it and lived next to it. It was a devastating moment that led me to believe that I needed to help cure my trees asap. This was the only resolution to my problem and it had me thinking about who to call and what to ask so I won’t waste anybody’s time.

I came to think about local professionals people who I can trust to do the right job. I need tips on how to hire a good landscaper. This was the solution to my problematic problem occurring at home. I was currently on who to call and who to hire specifically because I didn’t ever do this before and I needed some insight on who’s the experts in town that can help me with my concerns about my trees.

I was thinking about how to redesign our gardens and how to redevelop our back patio into something that will bring it up and make it glow. These were my true intentions. I was considering all factors on how to develop everything to being much healthier.

I was trying to learn on watering tips on branches, limbs and other assets to the tree itself. I was wondering and concerned about all of it and how to get it back up to date and trimmed up the proper way that will not damage tree to make it look ugly and sealed so I needed a professionally certified arborist that knew what he was doing and also a landscaper that will help but more on the cosmetic side.

I found a few selections that led me to believe they were good enough and certified to do the job right the first time. I was pondering on which one to call and I went with the one with the most reviews and best rated just because they looked like a legit and certified company that will help my concerns regarding over my trees and plantations.

Special Occasions

Today I had to attend a very important event that had me contribute sympathy to it. This event was a special occasion it was my brothers wedding. My brother has been married plenty of times and still hasn’t found that special one so I’m just recording this to keep records of all the weddings he’s going through. He has been through I would half a dozen already but every single of they fail at his hands. I don’t understand wait actually I do it’s him.

This time, he married a beautiful blonde that he claims to stay with from now on but this girl seemed very familiar like I knew her from somewhere it may have been someone we grew up with. Well my brother don’t talk much but we live in separate cities that are estimated thousands of miles apart so we don’t really keep up with each other much other than birthdays and special occasions like this one and so on.

This wedding was very well brought together from the designers designing the decorations to the people cleaning the place spotless to make it presentable for everybody else. This was actually pretty big event compared to the other ones he has had before. Like this one is the for real one. My parents are of course happy for him like always and always supportive of his choices.

So this team and I helped record the wedding to get it all nice and prepped for years to come when we are all together trying to watch this again. All I can remember honestly years later is the nasty caca breathe that one of the camera guys had when he was talking to me like I could smell this guy’s breath from a mile away.

Cherishing Moments!

Today I was with a distinct type of genre of people that certain taste in life that not everyday people have so I had to record everything I did that day with them because I’ve never experienced that before with anybody. I swear these guys from the other side of the earth more than likely Australians that have never been here before. I continued to follow up with them and enjoy our evening together. Seeing this helped me understand that some kinds of people are different and are just not your everyday kind. this is typically the case with people you’ve never met before.

I gave these guys a call and they helped me to record every bit of that day. I was all up in these guys business and it helped understand more about them and gave me a different perspective of them to me. I have come to the conclusion there are not so different than us Americans and have been much similar to us more like our close relatives the Floridians they are the sea people of the USA.

These guys were fun to be around with and have been such a blessing to be around especially how they taught me new things about myself I didn’t even know. They say that the majority of the people there are surfers and hipsters. All this stereotypes that are not true are coming true by the minute of them.

Family time

Family Day

The other day we went out for a nice family day out to the beach. It was a beautiful evening with the birds flying passed us, with the sun shining on bodies and having warm sand run between our toes. In those moments, I realized we needed to record these precious moments and savor them like a piece of steak. In other words, quenching your thirst. All these metaphors could not compare to how excited I was to see this years later when in moments of savoring. It’s how you save these memories and tarnish them into your brain.

Furthermore, I needed the cameras and equipment to record this so I got in contact with these guys and they helped me in a jiffy. It was easy as eating pie and I had everything I requested. Keeping moments like these are essential to one’s family and keeping us together. Keeping them at my side having this when I’m old will keep me in remembrance of the old times and help me acknowledge that it was a great invest to do so. Memories are everlasting and especially when it’s been recorded.

I could remember relaxing on the beach enjoying myself with a few cold ones on a hot summer day. It was lovely to take a day off especially with the family. I was with my wife, kids and other relatives apart of both sides of the family. We had so much fun playing with the kids and waves. It was a relief keeping them memories so close by and recording them so later years we can watch them years to comes. We had many beach days with the family but this one was the best with the whole family at hand to enjoy it with us.

To sum it up, it was a good and reasonable invest to get involved with these guys. I came to the conclusion with that this was a good investment. I encourage to record every bit of your family trips and memories because you only live once. I know very cliche to say but it’s the truth you only get to live on this good earth for once unless Jesus himself resurrected you a little early from the dead. Doing so, will improve family reunions and cherish precious moments with the family once again. It’s always fun to watch videos when the kids were barely born. Time flies so I encourage you to take it now.

the wedding

Best Moments!

In life, there’s always those memorable memories that always tend to stick with you for the rest of your life. In particular, I had a very memorable memory that stained tarnished my brain for the rest of my human life. This memory is a very valuable one to my life. It is the moment that I stepped foot into manhood to being the man that I was always capable of.

The day I crossed those church doors into my wedding. This day has never escaped my brain. Like I previously sent it stained me for life like a pen on paper. As the years went by and I knew I was going to forget certain details. So I got with it registrar and help me register and put all my memorable memories into a Way that I could visually perceive. I could see and remember the words what I said to vow too. They have put my memories into a safe where I can bring out cherish these moments once more like I did that nice spring evening.

 Now going back to my wedding, I could remember the crowd the people that have come to see is get married and celebrate with us. We all cherish these moments deeply and have been blessed with enjoying these moments with people that we love. Just felt like yesterday, seeing those moments makes me realize and not take for granted what I have put in forth for myself and family.

Once we vowed to be married for the rest of our lives we celebrated and had a really fun time. I could remember my pops there laughing, with my mother by his side. Seeing my brothers and watching them have a nice time with their families as well. It just made the wedding a whole lot better because if it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t have been possible.

Needless to say, I am grateful for my family, and wife at most. With enjoying these moments, it came to my head that I was thankful for these guys for helping me keep these memories right by my side and reminding me. This has been a huge help to my use and has definitely registered my most memorable memories. Big help this has been to record my most cherished moments in life.

Improving my memories about the wedding was basically going back in time in a time machine and hovering around to see what happened again. Imagine if this recorded my best moments what a time machine will do. it has definitely